The Ultimate Cobalt ATS 314 Shears
Sunburst Shear
SS701 - 5.5" - $349.00 - Blue Adjuster
SS702 - 6" - $379.00 - Blue, Black, or Pink Adjuster
SS703 - 5.5" - $349.00 - Black Adjuster

Ultimate Cutting Tool
Ivy designs on top silver Blades
Deep Grooved Camel Back Finger Holder
 Ergo thumb, built-in finger rest
 Skull Shear
*Available while quantities last!
SS705 - 5.5" - $229.00
Super Comfort Shear For Cutting
Pointed Blades
Skull head on adjuster with red stones
 Ergo thumb, built- in finger rest

SS709 - 6" - $379.00
Silver shear camel back
built in finger rest, ergo thumb
stunning black adjuster large finger holes

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